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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Infinivit Resveratrol+ contain?
Infinivit Resveratrol+ contains not only resveratrol but also vitamins (vitamin C and B complex) that have an impact on overall well-being, the immune system, heart function, brain health, and the maintenance of healthy bones, eyes, and skin. Resveratrol+ also includes 300 mg of magnesium, which contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue.

Resveratrol+ contains two types of magnesium, magnesium oxide, and citrate: magnesium citrate has rapid absorption and is suitable for quick supply during sports or muscle cramps. Magnesium oxide has a slower release and is intended for long-term magnesium supply to the body, preventing fatigue throughout the day.

It is essential to be aware of the importance of a healthy body now, as it can make daily tasks easier and influence the quality of life in later years. With well-being, a clear mind, and a healthy cardiovascular system, we impact the overall quality of life in all stages of life.
What is resveratrol?
Resveratrol is a compound that possesses 20 times stronger antioxidant power than vitamin C and is highly effective in neutralizing the effects of free radicals. It directly influences our cells, significantly contributing to better cell regeneration, reducing cell death, and improving cell metabolism.

Infinivit Resveratrol+ contains 300 mg of the purest 98% trans-resveratrol.

What is the difference between Veri-Te resveratrol and other resveratrols?
Not all resveratrols are the same. Their potency depends on the method of extraction, purity, and concentration.

Infinivit Resveratrol+ contains Veri-te™️ resveratrol, a patented product by the Swiss company Evolva, obtained through a unique yeast fermentation process. This method ensures a controlled production process, consistent quality, and high concentration (at least 98% content) without negative environmental factors.

Most commonly, resveratrol is extracted from the root of Japanese knotweed (Polygonum cuspidatum radix), and residues of pesticides and heavy metals present in the soil may negatively impact our health.

For more information about Veri-te™️ resveratrol, you can visit Evolva's website.  

Will I feel better after taking Infinivit Resveratrol+?
In the development of the dietary supplement Infinivit Resveratrol+, we had in mind the everyday individual facing stress and demands at home and work. Additionally, our aim is to maintain the body and cellular function at a high level even in later years. Well-being and the proper functioning of the heart and cognitive functions are crucial in every stage of life.

Resveratrol+ contains ingredients with scientifically proven effects according to the European Food Safety Authority:

1) Cognitive Function
- Pantothenic acid (B5) contributes to normal mental performance.
- Vitamins B2, B6, B1, and C contribute to the normal functioning of the nervous system.
- Vitamins B6, B12, and magnesium contribute to normal psychological functioning.

2) Cardiovascular System
- Thiamin (B1) contributes to the normal functioning of the heart.
- Vitamin B12 contributes to normal red blood cell formation.

3) Immune System
- Riboflavin (B2) and vitamin C contribute to the protection of cells from oxidative stress.
- Vitamins B6, D, B12, and C contribute to the normal functioning of the immune system.

4) Reduced Fatigue, Improved Well-being
- Vitamins B5, B2, B6, B12, and C contribute to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue.
- Magnesium contributes to the reduction of tiredness and the maintenance of normal muscle function.

5) Skin Health (Beauty) and Vision
- Riboflavin (B2) contributes to the maintenance of normal skin.

6) Bone Health
- Vitamin C contributes to normal collagen formation for the normal functioning of bones.
- Vitamin D contributes to the maintenance of healthy bones and teeth.

Can I take Infinivit Resveratrol+ with other dietary supplements?
Infinivit Resveratrol+ combines a combination of 10 vitamins, magnesium, and resveratrol.

It provides an optimal combination of dosages and ingredients to take care of your health while ensuring easy consumption - everything the body needs for optimal functioning in just 2 capsules per day. If you want to take other dietary supplements alongside Resveratrol+, be mindful of the dosages of vitamins and minerals (magnesium, vitamin B, C, or D3) to avoid exceeding the maximum daily doses.

Why does Resveratrol+ contain two different types of magnesium?
Resveratrol+ includes two sources of magnesium: magnesium oxide and magnesium citrate.

Magnesium citrate has a rapid absorption rate and is suitable for quick supply during sports or to alleviate muscle cramps. Magnesium oxide, on the other hand, has a slower release and is intended for the body's long-term magnesium needs.

Together, they contribute to overall well-being and make it easier to cope with mental stress (fatigue, stress) or physical demands (reducing cramps during sports activities).
What does Infinivit Omega-3 contain? What sets it apart?
Omega-3 dietary supplements vary in purity, concentration, and consequently, in price.

The distinctive feature of Infinivit Omega-3 is its high concentration of fish oil, with 2000 mg containing 800 mg EPA and 400 mg DHA, indicating a potent concentration and purity of ingredients.

By taking just 2 capsules a day, you achieve the recommended dosage of omega-3 fatty acids (at least 250 mg EPA and DHA) as recommended by the European Food Safety Authority. It boasts high concentration, oil purity, and superior quality.

The soft capsules enable easier swallowing and do not leave an unpleasant taste in the mouth. Infinivit Omega-3 is IFOS 5* certified, the highest recognition in the world of omega-3 fatty acids.
Why is it recommended to take Omega-3?
Omega-3 fatty acids are classified as polyunsaturated fatty acids, which our body cannot produce on its own. They are essential building blocks for every cell in the body, making their supplementation in the diet highly advised, especially if you don't consume fish at least twice a week.

Omega-3 fatty acids consist of eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). The daily dosage of Infinivit Omega-3 capsules contains an exceptionally high concentration of 800 mg EPA and 400 mg DHA. This way, with just 2 capsules a day, you can fulfill your body's omega-3 requirements and effectively support the health of the heart, brain, and vision, as proven by research.

It is a simple and tasteless way to achieve these health benefits.

What is Epax Omega-3?
Epax is a leading global manufacturer of fish oil, known for its highest quality standards. They are committed to producing oil that is pure, highly concentrated, and with the lowest oxidation levels, which directly impacts its quality. Through innovative approaches, they have achieved various quality certifications (IFOS, GMP) and source their fish oil in a careful and sustainable manner.

You can find more information about Epax fish oil on their website. 

Where are Infinivit products produced?
We prioritize the highest quality, and therefore all our products are manufactured in Germany, in accordance with the highest quality standards. Because you deserve the best.


How long can/should I take Infinivit?
Infinivit products are natural dietary supplements, and as such, when taken according to the warnings and recommended daily dosage, they do not have any side effects. They are designed to be taken on a long-term basis daily, to take care of your body, health, and overall quality of life.
Who are Infinivit products intended for?
Infinivit products are intended for everyone who values the long-term importance of health and quality of life. The fast-paced lifestyle, stress, insomnia, and external factors can impact our health and overall well-being.

Infinvit products have been proven to promote cellular health, improve well-being, and enhance the functioning of key organs and processes in the body. They are particularly beneficial during times of increased mental or physical stress, when the immune system is weak, or as the body ages. Infinivit products offer excellent support to the body for optimal functioning in all stages of life.
How long does it take to receive the order?
All orders placed before 12:00 PM will usually be shipped the same day via GLS or DHL. The delivery time is 3-5 working days.
What is the difference between trans-resveratrol and resveratrol?
Resveratrol is a simplified name for the compound used in dietary supplements. The active ingredient it contains is often referred to as trans-resveratrol. These are two different forms of the same compound. The difference between the two types depends on how easily your body absorbs and utilizes them.

The skins of red grapes are a rich source of resveratrol. However, the health benefits only occur when it is converted into trans-resveratrol in the body. Trans-resveratrol is a chemical form of resveratrol that is prepared for absorption and use in the body.
What should I pay the most attention to when buying omega-3 fatty acids?
The key factor when buying an omega-3 dietary supplement is the concentration and quality of the fish oil it contains.

Concentration refers to how much omega-3 oil is in each capsule or how many milligrams of EPA and DHA are in the daily dose. The European Food Safety Authority recommends at least 250 mg of EPA and DHA to have a positive impact on heart, brain, and eye health. This can mean taking anywhere from 2 to 6 capsules per day, depending on the product. Choose wisely, aiming for a sufficient dosage with as few capsules as possible.

INFINIVIT Omega contains 1000 mg soft gel capsules of omega-3 fatty acids. With 2 capsules, you get 800 mg of EPA and 400 mg of DHA. This indicates a high concentration and, not least, the quality of the oil and the dietary supplement.

Which certificates does a good omega-3 supplement have?
A quality product will always mention the certificates it holds in its description, along with the manufacturer. In the global market of fish oil and omega-3 dietary supplements, the following certificates are important:

GMP – Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), also known as "cGMP" or "current Good Manufacturing Practice," is an aspect of quality assurance that ensures medicines are consistently produced and controlled according to quality standards that meet their intended use and product specifications.

IFOS – The International Fish Oil Standards Program (IFOS) is an independent testing and certification program for fish oil. IFOS sets the highest standards for purity, potency, and freshness worldwide.

Friends of the Sea – The "Friends of the Sea" certificate provides the public with the assurance that fish products originating from fisheries are managed responsibly and sustainably.

INFINIVIT Omega-3 holds all three certificates, and we are particularly proud of the IFOS 5* certificate.

Why is resveratrol made with yeast fermentation (Infinivit) better than resveratrol from most manufacturers (Japanese knotweed)?
The trans-resveratrol used in Infinivit Resveratrol+ contains highly pure resveratrol (98%), which can only be achieved through patented yeast fermentation. Resveratrol obtained through this process is consistently of the same high quality and purity. Moreover, it does not contain any traces of heavy metals or pesticides, and it is not affected by climate conditions or transportation issues that may be associated with resveratrol derived from Japanese knotweed. The method of production significantly impacts the quality, concentration, and purity of the ingredient.

The patented method of obtaining resveratrol through yeast fermentation is a protected process developed by the Swiss company Evolva and is a crucial component in Infinivit Resveratrol+.

Why does INFINIVIT Resveratrol+ contain 300 mg of resveratrol?
Infinivit Resveratrol+ contains 300 mg of resveratrol to offer a stronger dosage compared to other products on the market. This higher dosage is aimed at providing more energy, better well-being, and a healthier cardiovascular system. Competing resveratrol supplements typically contain only resveratrol, with dosages ranging between 150 and 200 mg.

Our vision has always been about simplicity and effectiveness. That's why, in addition to resveratrol, we have included essential vitamins that are important for overall well-being and maintaining the vitality of the body and mind.

What does the IFOS 5* certification mean for Omego-3?
The IFOS (The International Fish Oil Standards Program) certification is an independent testing and certification program for fish oil. IFOS sets the highest standards for purity, potency, and freshness worldwide.

Infinivit Omega-3 contains EPAX fish oil and has the IFOS 5* certification, which is a sign of the highest quality and purity.

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