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Effect of Resveratrol on Women in Menopause

The decline in estrogen is the main cause of discomfort in women during menopause. Resveratrol can improve key factors affecting well-being and health.

Menopause is inevitable for women. 

Managing menopausal symptoms is crucial to maintain the quality of life and overall health.

Dementia and cerebrovascular diseases are the leading causes of death in older women. Additionally, women over 55 years of age have a higher risk of cardiovascular diseases compared to men or younger women.

These differences can be partly attributed to the rapid decline of estrogen in circulation after menopause in middle age. Estrogen is essential for memory retention, metabolic regulation, and bone health in pre-menopausal women. Therefore, the loss of estrogen can accelerate age-related cognitive impairment and increase the risk of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

There are many alternatives available that have been proven to improve the daily life of women over 45, and one of them is resveratrol.

Resveratrol has several health benefits as a phytoestrogen

One of the reasons why resveratrol offers promising benefits for women after menopause is its mechanism of action on estrogen receptors in the body. During menopause, estrogen levels decrease, resulting in a variety of symptoms affecting multiple body systems and significantly impacting the quality of life.

Resveratrol is known as a phytoestrogen. Although not an estrogen itself, phytoestrogens can bind to estrogen receptors in the body and function as estrogen, balancing processes that would normally be carried out by estrogen. Consequently, adding resveratrol can improve the well-being, appearance, and functioning of women after menopause, enhancing their overall quality of life.


One of the largest studies on the effect of resveratrol on postmenopausal women was conducted in Australia, called RESHAW (Resveratrol for Healthy Aging in Women). The 24-month study aimed to evaluate the health benefits of taking 75 mg of Veri-teTM resveratrol twice daily compared to a placebo group in postmenopausal women.

The results showed the following:

  • Improved bone mineral density
Postmenopausal women, even those without a significant risk of osteoporosis, are more susceptible to fractures of the lumbar spine and hips. Approximately 43% of all hospitalizations in older women are due to fractures caused by poor bone mineral density.

The RESHAW trial demonstrated that after 12 months of consuming Veri-teTM resveratrol, bone density in the lumbar spine and femoral neck improved compared to the placebo.

  • Possible impact on cognitive functions
Due to aging and lower estrogen levels in circulation, blood flow can slow down in postmenopausal women as the flexibility of blood vessels and surrounding tissues in the circulatory system diminishes. Without sufficient estrogen, these tissues harden, leading to reduced blood flow to the brain. Consequently, the strength and functioning of cognitive functions (memory, thinking, concentration) decrease, significantly affecting the quality of life.

During the RESHAW study, women who took resveratrol as a dietary supplement showed improved overall cognitive functioning compared to those who took the placebo. In women over 65 years old, there was also an improvement in verbal memory compared to women under 65.

Compared to the placebo, resveratrol supplementation resulted in a significant 33% improvement in overall cognitive performance (Cohen's d = 0.170, P = 0.005). Women aged 65 and over showed a relative improvement in verbal memory after consuming resveratrol.

  • Improved heart and vascular health
Similar to the effect of reduced blood flow on brain function, poor blood flow is associated with a higher risk of cardiovascular issues/diseases. Regular consumption of resveratrol improved blood flow to organs. Organs and cells that are well-supplied with blood and oxygen function better and last longer.

The same study also showed an improvement in blood pressure with the addition of resveratrol in overweight postmenopausal women with untreated hypertension. The group receiving resveratrol demonstrated significant improvements in blood pressure, which is also essential for overall heart and vascular health.

  • Better quality of life
Women who participated in the study noticed an overall impact on their quality of life after regular consumption of resveratrol for 12 months. Women who took Veri-teTM resveratrol for 12 months observed an improvement in bone mass and reduced back pain.

In addition, there was noticeable improvement in the overall quality of life, linked to improved menopausal symptoms such as mood and depression, sleep, and cognitive functions.

Another common issue in women after menopause is weight gain, often due to poor insulin control and subsequently high blood sugar. While research in this area is ongoing, there is increasing evidence for the use of resveratrol in weight management, particularly due to its effects on blood sugar control and insulin sensitivity.

Women over 40, in perimenopause or menopause, require good natural support for numerous symptoms that may occur during this period. Resveratrol has been shown to improve key factors affecting the quality of life in women over 40.

INFINIVIT Resveratrol+ contains not only pure resveratrol but also magnesium and vitamins, which have a proven positive effect on well-being, reduced fatigue, improved heart and brain function. Everything you need for safe, healthy, and carefree years.

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